Let's face it (no pun intended): This hat flatters the face more than the small skullcap kippah. It draws the viewer's eye upward. It stays on heads more easily than small yarumulkes. And, from a crafter/sewer's point of view, there's much more of a canvas for creativity than in a skullcap.

The style is called Bukharan, because it became associated with the Jews who settled around Bukhara, in present-day Uzbekistan, some 2,000 years ago.  Their millinery was  influenced by their Moslem neighbors. In more modern times, in the west, this shape has been called a "pillbox hat" (a la Jackie Kennedy), or a "smoking cap."

Our beginner-friendly version is a simple pattern - an oval crown and long band - which can serve as a canvas for personal creativity, in the form of quilting, applique, or other embellishment. However, you can also make this pattern without any  added quilting or embellishment. Just use wonderful fabric, from denims to silks to recycled family garments. (With light-weight fabrics, it's important to add a layer of fusibe interfacing). Our favorite fabrics for this hat include:
The pattern features a distinctive small overlap in the back of the band (The overlap can also be rotated to the front). It allows the hat to be sealed to a custom fit. Use an interesting button, tie tack, political button, starship (see left), etc. Choosing the embellishment is the most fun!

This pattern includes: 

Price: Just $8.95 for the complete e-pattern. (You print it out.)

To make this hat you will need:
Quilted version only:
Unquilted version only:
Formal inside finish only:
Iron and ironing board. Zig-zag sewing machine. Yardstick or long clear acrylic ruler. Straight pins. Fabric scissors. Scissors for cutting paper. Hand sewing needle.

Rotary cutter and mat. If machine quilting: Walking foot and/or free motion foot. If adding apppliques: Paper backed iron-on fusible web, and assortment of fabrics which contrast with featured crown fabric.

(*Exact quantities are explained in the pattern). 
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